Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello out there??

Ok... I admit it... I love reading blogs.  I love reading the personal stories they offer.  I love learning new things that other's have experienced the easy way and the hard way.  I love looking at the pictures that are associated with each blog as well as how each blog is so individual and so different from the next.  I love how some are insightful and some are funny.  It's funny how each blog affects me in different ways.  Some can immediately lift my mood.  Some have made me cry while some just make me become prayerful.  Maybe that is why I decided to start my own.  Maybe my feeble attempts at writing will inspire some type of emotional reaction in someone that reads it (IF anyone reads it).  Maybe I will elicit a laugh or tug at a heartstring or inspire a prayer that I did not know I needed.  So, here it is... my first blog entry... whew! 

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